Diaper Rash???

What can I do to help my daughter out? Her butt was really red Nd there was a hint of blood... I think she ate something to cause it cuz its happened before but not to this extent... It hurts her to sit or lay down :( HELP!!!

    Make sure that her butt is washed off well so any acid from the poop isn't left on her skin to burn it. Let it air dry as much as possible. Put a barrier diaper rash cream on it such as zinc oxide. Poor little sweetie, I hope it feels better soon!
      8Theresa Gould
      I'd try to figure out what caused it so it can be avoided in the future, but if you have any diaper cream apply some of that. If not maybe sprinkling some corn starch on her bottom so it helps prevent chaffing against fabric and maybe it'll soothe the owie of it all.

      Here is a thread of discussions on diaper rash and remedies we've already had, if you'd like to check them out:

        Did u change wet wipe brands? My daughter gets diaper rash from pampers wet wipes. When she gets it I wash her with warm water and baby soap dry her use a little corn starch powder rubbed in then the purple tub desitin. It's a pain to do every time she gets a diaper change but it clears it up in a day.
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