I don't have much of it tonight and it is making me sad :( I want to WANT to work more on the nursery but I just don't feel the motivation right now to go upstair and do it. I cleaned downstairs trying to disinfect everything but I keep thinking of how much more I am going to have to do once my husband isn't sick anymore.. And this weekend I have to get some more shopping done and pick up a few things from my registry. I feel a little overwhelmed with everything on my hands but I am trying to stay positive. I don't know when Nesting is going to kick in but I would much rather be going through that than this. I feel useless!

    Girlie.. you are fine! I was so totally there a few weeks ago.. you have time, and if you don't.. it's fine. You aren't going to bring the baby home and drop them in their room :) I always laughed how everyone said the nursery has to be done asap and way before baby comes.. it's not true.. to each their own! I also realized, the baby won't care how clean your house is.. if you need to rest, just rest.. rest is what we won't be getting near as much of :)
    Exactly! I felt SO frazzled a few weeks ago.. so mark things off your list that will help give you some peace about being prepared.. for me, as silly as it sounds, was having my cleaning ladies come.. after they left I was like WHEW.. Okay, no worries now! haha It was weird, but helped.. so do something that really helps, whatever it may be.. just don't over do it and don't feel bad to for resting.. that has been hard for me too... but finally I see that I NEED to rest.. prepping for something so big - we deserve it!
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