Breathe Breathe!

Agh! Is it normal to have trouble breathing quite as well while I continue to expand and grow? In just the past few days I can be out and about and notice it seems harder to catch myself or easy things I need to squat down and it feels better.. like more air can get to me.. this past week must have been a doozing for someone growing inside me or something :)

Just wondering if any of you ever experienced this?​

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      Amanda Hurley
      My husband almost rushed me to the ER when I was pregnant with Makenzie. She was sitting so high that one night she literally knocked all the air out of my lungs. My lips turned blue. It was NOT good. It is very normal to be short of breath. All of your internal organs are smushed, and there is not enough space.
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          8Theresa Gould
          Yeah, even though you think you aren't very big, lots is going on inside and who knows what organs baby is pushing up to cause the "squeeze" or it just might be him/her stretching causing the "squeeze". Hugs!
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