Tell me about your child's personality!

As a mom of four I have always been amazed at the differences in my kids personalities. They even had such distinct little personalities that were obvious shortly after birth.

Aidan is my sweet caring little boy. He loves everyone and is very emotional in a sweet way. He is the perfect older brother to three little sisters. He is very smart and loves to read.

Lucy is my brave fighter. I think a lot of her personality stems from her fight to survive having a rare medical condition. She has a lot of friends and is full of energy. She has a shy and quiet side but she is much more outgoing than her brother. She is very loving but if you make her mad you will know it.

Delilah is my strong willed child. She wants to do everything her way. It has to be how she wants it, when she wants it and exactly the way she wants it. She has been very challenging to parent especially after two relatively easy children. She is clumsy, goofy and very rough. She can make you laugh all day long.

Annika is my little sweetie. She has been so happy from the moment she was born. She love music and dances every time she hears music come on. She is very easy going and loves to cuddle. It is hard to find something that upsets Annika. She is a go with the flow type child. She is the baby of the family.

    My little miss is sassy and fun. She is also loving and kind. Her teachers tell me she is the first to go over to the crying kids and give them hugs and kisses. She's a little charmer and a ham and loves to be the center of attention. She's on the go from the moment she wakes up to the moment she is ready for bed. I am lucky to get my snuggles in when she is nursing and/or wants me to read her a book.
      So sweet! I'm curious how you manage working and 4 kids. I guess I just need tips b/c I work outside the house too (quite a lot!) and have 3 kids, but I sort of, kind of, maybe want one more...And as for the 3 I already have, I do find their personalities are very different. I always joke that my 3 kids could be a textbook case for a birth order personality book. J, age 9, is so typical oldest child. A, age 7, is my middle girl; and N, age 4, is the baby forever and always. It will be funny if those roles change at all in case we do go for a 4th child.
        I have three grown ups, one is married and two are still single. They just got along so well when they were still young. My oldest girl Diana loves to cook (she got it from me)and plus her friends at work from diff. other countries (their origins) she wanted always to try their type of food. My son John Paul is an organizer. He does not want messy stuff around especially inside his room you can see all his things are placed in an orderly manner. His old toys look like new, he packed them in clear plastics to avoid dust. I really praise him though he is a full time worker at the pharmacy. My youngest is Katherine, she's the one who is married and every now and then she emails me asking for more meal recipes and a few baking desserts recipes. I am so glad that she's so interested into cooking. "So far so good" that's what she said.
          4Kerri Nino
          Jonathan is my strong willed- independent child! Must be due to the oldest child syndrome!
          Josiah is my lover! He loves all and needs to learn a balance there.
          Anna is a princess and KNOWS IT!!!
          Justin is a mix of the older boys very well balanced but also has a small mix of its my way or no way!
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