4month no period could i be pregnant ?? but the test say no!!!

is possible to be pregnant and have negative result form a urine test??? see thing is ive taken test after test at home and the doctor they all came out negative. well all but one and im not sure if its two lines or not.... being honest​.. but I stil haven't seen any sign of my period and it been almost for months..! im tied almost all the time I have to make myself get up and do things and I get sick but not all the time not even everyday. but again every test I take even the digital one said negative.... could I stil be????

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    Amanda Hurley
    First off welcome to the group. Second off, Yes. Your hormone levels may just be too low to show on the urine test. Best bet, go and request a blood test.
    Amanda Hurley
    Also note, that you should be checked out anyway. You may be pregnant, or there may be another underlying problem that is there and needs to be addressed.
      Jucole, at first let me welcome you here). If you are on Moms.com - mean you'll be mom anyway).
      Why dont you go to the hospital and for examination? 4 month is enough to be worried...
      Hope you'll find out it was problems with the tests...
        8Theresa Gould
        I concur with the other ladies and hope you find out soon so you are not guessing.

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