Natural birth

I had my daughter naturally, she came 10 days after her due date. The labor pain was unnoticeable until I was 8cm dilated and had to sit on the bed I couldn't walk anymore, the doctor checked me and I was fully dilated while my doctor was sitting on my bed, my water broke on her, and delivery didn't take too long after that. It was a very enjoyable experience!

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    Whoa, Lindsay.. what a sweet story you shared! Sounds like she came fast & ready :)

    I had expressed to my doctor my want to have an epidural and scared it would happen too fast.. he said he has delivered thousands of babies and perhaps 2 women weren't able to get one.. he also said they deem those as the "lucky ones" because it happens so fast and boom it's over :) So it all made me feel much better!
    Sometimes If you can just deep breathe through the pain you might not even need the epidural, also my doctor said to deep grunt and growl while pushing it helps. I hope your labor goes well and I can't wait til you have your little one! :)
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