Insomnia in babies

​Just read an interesting article about the 5 causes of insomnia in babies.
1. Hunger - Fat contained in mother's milk, are at the baby as a sleep aid, so babies who are breastfed slips better than kids who are on formula.

2. Little weasel - the kid got used to fall asleep with the rhythm of your heart (in your belly), so you need to take the baby on your arms, that he can calm down and fell asleep.

3. The baby feels cold.

4.Calm insomnia - it is when the baby suddenly wakes up and starts to babble quietly, plays with the corner of his blanket, pacifier, own arms and legs - he entertains himself. Do not get involved - he will fell asleep soon.

and the last

5. The baby is sick.

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    Amanda Hurley
    Makenzie had GERD REALLY bad. We thought it was colic at first, but the doc said she was too young. She was puking constantly. I had to wean her from the breast a lot sooner than I had hoped, and they started her on cereal at 4 weeks old. I also swaddled my two youngest. They had to fall asleep swaddled, but they were escape artists, so by morning they both were unwrapped, until I found the swaddle me wraps. They were expensive (for us anyway) but totally worth it.
      Amanda Hurley
      Thank you for sharing. I have the fourth one in my youngest son. It cracks me up listening to him babble to himself in the middle of the night.