Why can't these children sleep in? By in I mean 7am would be great!

No matter how late they stay up they still are up by 5-6am. I am so sleep deprived!

LaurieNatick, Massachusetts
    WOW and I thought mine got up early 6:30-7. Try putting in a good movie and taking a nap. Hope you get some rest. HUGS****
      my kids are early too!!! 545 for my daughter on weekends!!! And 630 for my son.

      Btw. Doesn't matter how late they go to sleep; their bodies are trained. Then if I put them to bed later they still wake up early and THEY miss that sleep and are total messes.
      I have taught them a routine though.. When they were little.. Like 2.. The night before I'd get snacks ready and put out some toys, set up a video, etc. so in the morning all I had to do was lay on couch and drift ..

      I never felt I missed sleep that way. Try it.

      But I swear.. The later thing will work against you unless it's every night for weeks until their body reprogramms.
        I love that idea. I have done it a few times, anticipating the early wakeup, but never consistently enough where by the time I gather all of the needed items (toys, snack, videos) I am up and can't even drift if I wanted do. I am going to try it tonight. This morning would have been a wash anyway with all of this snow! Snow blowers are loud and scary to the little ones!
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