I'm braking down all over the place this single parent thing is getting to me

    4Pam Otto
    Sometimes even just venting and talking it all out seems to help some of my friends. We are here for you if you need anything!
        5Brenda Beck
        Aww! I can imagine what you are going thru. My 2 youngest one are the same age as yours, and i know what a chore they can be alone, i have help from my husband, and it still is tough at times. Hugs to you. Hope you can find the support you need out there to help you and your family.
          I'm a single mom of two and have been since they were 1 and 3 without any help OR family nearby. Hardest thing I ever did. They are 7 and 9 now and are happy and so you can do this.
          You have to dig deeper in your community. Way deep. Look beyond state and government. Immerse yourself into mommy groups, parents centers. There is more than you can see and the state is strict and u have to be almost on the street to get any help.
          Dig in. Push your pride aside. I did errands for people as my kids napped in the car and walked dogs etc. data entry at night.
          You got this. Stay focused.

          I'm curious how your childhood and families history has anything to do with you now.
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