Would you wax your 6 year old's Unibrow?

So normally.. I would be like whaaaatt? No... But if I'm to be honest... this little girls eyebrows.. are literally one long thick one and now that she's in 1st grade... kids are really starting to notice... no one is making fun.. yet.. but they're asking like, "hey what's up with your one eyebrow?"​.. and that was from my OWN daughter, who has been friends with her since she was 2 and she was asking really honestly... and innocently.. but wanted to know.. and like she had just noticed...

My friend and I are close and we sorta laughed about it.. thank GOD.. but then she told me she had been thinking about waxing .. and that it was fragile to do.. since you don't want to draw attention to it for her daughter as something she should be ashamed of or embarrassed about.. but maybe it's better she does it now.. before kids really get mean..

I told her.. that you she could explain it like.. hey,.. some kids are harrier than others and some kids have to shave early and cut their hair more often or whatever they have.. and maybe show her that she does it as well and make it a "fun" girls night... teach her body maintenance.. pick out a nail poiish special for her.. so that you teach her someting rather than something to hide...

My friend is a fair blond... her husband is Mexican and so she's never had to manage anything this early...

I'm curious if anyone has kids that have something like this? How have you dealt with it? Or friends?

    Would be afraid of using wax on little ones. Try eyebrow threading. Less likely to leave burns. Take her when you get your own brows done. It will make her think she's a big girl. Maybe enjoy a mommy/daughter mani-pedi at same time.
      8Theresa Gould
      I probably wouldn't. My husband's brows are almost one and our youngest, though she's blonde, her eyebrows are very thick and very close. I'd never want to draw attention to it making her think there's something wrong with it. Then again, my daughter's brow isn't one...yet, so who knows...
        We should never inflict our own vanities on our kids, in my opinion. If the girl complains that people make fun of her eyebrows, then the mother should ask her if she wants to change her eyebrows. The mother can present options to make her daughter feel better about herself. But ONLY if the self-consciousness comes from the girl with the thick eyebrows.
        I recall my own daughter coming home after school in 2nd grade and saying, "Mom, a boy asked me if I'm a boy or a girl today just because I cut my hair short!"
        I made the mistake of frowning sympathetically and reassuring her, "Oh, honey, don't worry, you can grow your hair out again and it'll be long before you know it!"
        My daughter showed me that my reaction was unfounded AND unnecessary when she answered, "No, I like my hair short! I meant, wasn't that a stupid boy?!"

        I am a children's book author (www.author-teachersusanllipson.com), and I plan to use this story in a children's book someday, to teach other moms and dads to let kids establish their self-esteem without directing it too much!
        8Theresa Gould
        Your daughter's no-nonsense response is quite priceless. :)
          Kids are no-nonsense people, aren't they?:-)
          8Theresa Gould
          Yeah, pretty much. :)
            My best friends daughters are Puerto Rican and she has been tweezing the unibrow since they were probably three. No kidding.

            My daughter uses the eyebrow shavers on hers and has since she was maybe 10? It's so weird, her unibrow actually would grow down the bridge of her nose. I have never seen anything like it outside of her crazy brows. I used to pluck them for her and she would cry and throw a fit. But still wanted me to do them, go figure.
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