this is my first preg so I really been thinking a lot about if yu want people with you in the delivery room do they have a sheet to cover you up or no . Bc my friend just had a baby and they didn't cover her up. & not being covered up would make me feel weird ..

    I think it depends on the hospital and the caregivers at the time. Let them know what your concerns are ... if you want people in the room but not to "see" your lady parts just ask then to stay out of the "view" other wise let the staff know that you prefere only to have certain people in the room with you and they can be the "bad guy" and keep them out!
      I think you could probably ask your doctor to leave the sheet down to your knees so that only he can see whats going on. I was so nervous about a lot of doctors and nurses being in the room but when it came time I didn't care at all I just wanted my babies to come. With my second daughter I swear there was like 5 nurses and 1 doctor in the room and nothing was even wrong with my baby and they had no concerns, they were just student nurses.
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