Not a baby person myself!

I'm not exactly a baby person. Ask anyone in my family and they'd tell you that it was a huge and shocking surprise that I even got pregnant. I don't really like babies still even now, but I love my son to bits. I'm not a baby person but I'm definitely a 'my kids' kind of person, you know? I have had some problems with my feelings of love towards my child, it's a little difficult for me and not what I think is 'normal'. But I'd never hurt or neglect him in the least and I'm still super protective. So I guess it just really depends on the person. I had a baby, not being a baby person, and I know I want one more and I have a step baby too. As long as you do what's right for the baby, I think anyone can be a parent; as long as they're responsible. :)

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    I was like that too when I had my first and now after having 4, I do really like babies but I sure don't want another one! I look forward to having grand babies though :)
      Anyone can have a baby but it takes a wonderful person to be a parent! I am so glad that you have found that you are embracing your motherhood! You go girl!
        I was never a baby person, I never really wanted kids. Part of that was because I was told I would never be able to have any but lo and behold I got pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy I wasn't the super excited type. I was happy but I didn't think too much about it. When my daughter was born it all changed. I became that instant mommy type you see. Now she is my entire world, the reason I am who I am today. I love every little thing that she does and watching her grow. All of my family is so surprised at how I embraced the mother role. I do not think I want another one, haha but if it did happen, I would be happy as well.

        I know a few mothers who don't really care too much for the baby stage but adore the toddler+ time. It not that you don't care for your baby, it's just a boring time in my opinion. Not only boring but very demanding. I didn't really start having fun until she started rolling over and became more of a person than a pooping/feeding machine. Don't beat yourself up but if you do feel off then talk to your doctor and see if there are some steps you can take to help.
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