baby blues

some mom are happy when they have a baby, butt get the baby blues. It normal to have a little bit of it. It goes away in a week or two. your mind is getting yous to the idea of this little being that you just had and have to take care of. your old life that you one new is no long going to be the same.a part of you is just long as you don't wont to Kill your self or your baby. don't wont to do no harm of any kind you are fine. if you fill something is more going on I WOULD TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR as soon as you can.(ASAP)

Margaret hernandezWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
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    Margaret hernandez
    I new some one that had the baby blues. you could tell something was wrong butt could not putt your finger on it. It was her first kid, she had a little boy.she would act like every thing was ok. but when you look at her you just new she wasn't ok. she took great care of her baby..two mouth to the day she had him they found her dead in her room. she took her life.the baby was not with her she drop him off at his grandpa home.not a day goes by that i don't think of her. we meet one mouth before she had him. she got a puppy off of us.sometime i think If i could have done something to help her out.if I new her better.
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