Advice needed on Eating Healthy?

Trying to lose weight to help with trying to conceive anyone have some advice they can share?

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      Margaret hernandez
      dont drive your self crazy let it took me 4year to have my last son and i was heavy. when we stop tiring it can do a counting thing.. if you now when your time of the mouth is coming,then 5 days before you get it. is your best time to conceive. get an ovulate kit can help you too..go at it like bunnies in those 5 days butt have fun.don't get up so fast when you are done trie to tilt your pelvis so those bad boys go ware they need to go....Lisa right be active will help to in the long run... take prenatal pills know will help too. hope that can help a little.
        I think being healthy BEFORE being pregnant is SO key! I would start simple.. have you ever a calorie diary? I did LONG ago.. it just helps to jumpstart you and keep you accountable for what you are eating.. it doesn't have to be 100% correct.. but a starting point! I would also start moving and being active.. even a 10 minute walk a day if you don't take one can make a HUGE difference.. then slowly bump it up! Finally.. I would find some sort of workout you LOVE to do.. like really enjoy.. then it never becomes a burden :) You can do do it!
          Thank you guys I've been taking prenatal vitamins, drinking more water and have talked the hubby into us doing walks in the evening to get us started. I will try the eating more fruits and veggies.
            have been eating more fruits and veggies. I have also started drinking more water. I have downloaded an app to help me regulate my intake of calories. It has me at 1600 a day.
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