My son is begging me to have a pet, but I'm a bit hesitant. I don't think he is ready and responsible enough. Are there really proven benefits to having a pet?

    for sure there are benefits to a pet! I think they help teach responsibility but they become members of the family! I love my dogs and can't imagine life without them. As a kid I loved my dogs so much and had so many amazing memories playing with them and always snuggling with them and feeling like you always have a friend. They are work for sure, and can be frustrating, but well worth it in my opinion
      Oh gosh Elena.. pets are amazing! I agree with everything that Leah said for sure! I grew up with a dog, we got him when I was 5.. the memories.. last a life time.. I became responsible for feeding him, walking him.. he was a pet I will never ever forget! It's also been proven actually that having dogs and cats as pets will help decrease a child's chance of allergies :) There are honestly SO many benefits.. they have done studies that a pet can add 7 years to your life too! They are a lot of work sometimes... but nothing worth having is easy peasy :)
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          i agree with everything Leah said. We are huge animal lovers in our house, we have 2 dogs 2 cats and a fish tank and are considering getting another dog because we want a big one to play with the kids. I personally think every house should have some type of pet.
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