only child

Bossy. Lonely. ​Spoiled. People often use these terms to describe only children.

Sometimes my husband and I feel awful about bringing up our son with no siblings and only two busy adults in the house with him. It feels like such an adult-centered home. At other times, I'm afraid we focus on him with too much attention and energy(especially me). I do not want to spoiled my son, I want to help him feel like a kid, and fill his childhood with wounder and spontaneity.

We are talking about an adoption, but I'm not sure if my dream will come true. I think whether you have one child or many, the key parenting secret is always the same: treat each child as if an only child.

Do you know something about orphan hosting programs and how does it work?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I don't know much about adoption or orphan hosting programs, but I have friends who have adopted several children and I've always admired their big hearts. And I admire your openness too.

    I also think there's always a reason why a child may be an only child, whether it is short-term or forever. My husband's first boss is an only child and he is super nice, giving and was an incredible boss.
    8Theresa Gould
    Then adoption would be the perfect solution. Hopefully more ladies will chime in with their thoughts on adoption programs etc.
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