So at my kids school email is how we get all our info on whats going on in the school. Well i hate when they send a email the night before that something is going on the next day! Like i would appreciate it if they would send the email a week before or a few days before so i can be papered!!!!

4ElizabethDenver, Colorado
    I have not yet complained about it to be honest but i think i should maybe just maybe it will change!!! I just miss the old days back when i was in school where you just got a paper that had the info on it! I mean i see email is faster but they don't do it in a timely matter so i have decided to hate it! Yeah I'm scared when all my kids are in school and have to deal with 4 different class sites that i barley check now and all types of emails from each class like seriously HELP ME!!!!!!
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