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I too had a faint line on a home pregnancy test the night before I had to be at work. I was feeling real sick I thought I could possibly have the flu. I usually had my period on the 25th of every month I was about 5 days late. I also had nausea for about 3 weeks and my breast were sore. After the faint line test I was like maybe we should of waited it out and see if my period was just running late. That morning I had to call into work at 8 am because I was running a fever the night before and knew I couldn't work. I had lost my voice, sore throat, nausea, running and stuffed up nose. Not counting I was late still on my period. So my boss said she needed a doctors note in order for me to keep my job. So I went to the hospital checked in still thinking I had the flu or strep throat. While back there I told the nurse I had a faint positive the night before at home and that I could be pregnant but wasn't sure but still feel as though I have the flu had the body aches as well. She ran strep test, flu test and the pregnancy test on me. Flu test and strep came back negative but the pregnancy test came back positive. Lab tech said it was one of the brightest pink positives she had ever seen since working there. So even if it is faint you should always check it out with a doctor next. Took 3 test total one at home, hospital and health department. Health Department said I needed to be at least 2 weeks late or it may come up negative. They said that they usually come up negative if not 2 weeks late. Mine at the health department was once again a faint positive and they said that they were taking it as a positive test! They said very few come up positive before 2 weeks being late. I knew there was no denying I was pregnant.

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