house work

It funny, when I was bye my self. I did not mind doing house work . love cook to.
know that i am married an a mom of 3 boys. I dont like doing house work it like it never ending. same thing everyday all most. make coffee, clean the house. put thing ware they belong pay bills. it like it never just have to laugh about it sometime. It like i been putt on a repeat button. that i would love to find a stop.

Margaret hernandezWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
    PREACH sister. I gave up on housework when my daughter was born. She was so high-needs I literally couldn't set her down for about a year. Try washing dishes while nursing a baby in a carrier. It's too much.

    Anyway, I appreciate the concept that if one parent is home with the kids, they usually have time to take on *most* of the housework, but to me taking care of the house and taking care of the kids are two separate jobs. Some kids at some stages allow time for you to work in a second job on the sly, but some kids are a 24/7 full-time job all by themselves.

    And yeah, housework is just annoying. You can do all the laundry and then it all has to be done again. It's so stupid.

    I recently put my daughter in charge of making her own lunch for school, which is just awesome. It's such a small thing but it feels like a huge chore off my plate. I think it's mostly because I feel like such a great parent while she's doing it. Look, my kindergartener makes her own lunch! I am Supermom! LOL.
    Margaret hernandez
    love it.. i think we are all supermom... butt i get what you are saying.. It does me good when i see my boys help me out or cooking with my help.
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