What did you name your baby girls?

My oldest is named Rikki Halynn Renee. Rikki is after her grandfather, Halynn is after her Grandmother, and Renee is for a cousin of mine that was killed through domestic violence . Brianna Claire came next. I just thought they were pretty. Rosalea Mae was named after her two Great Grandmothers, and Jaiden Marie was chosen because Jaiden means God has heard or God will judge, and Marie in Hebrew means wished for child.. Everyone was extremely judgemental about me having another child. My stepdaughter is Sophia June, and her daddy picked it.

What did you name your baby girls?
7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
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    7Kimberly Acord
    Rikki has gone through phases with her name. LOL I tried to name her something unusual, because when I was growing up if someone said, " Kimberly?", twenty-five Kimberlys turned around. She has never ran into another Rikki, but when she was younger she used to get upset because it was a boys name. Now she likes it because it is unusual and when someone says it, they are more likely to think of her.
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