introducing myself, and musing on mom-hood

Hi, I'm new here! I feel like there should be an introduce yourself forum or something. ;) Anyway, I'm in Atlanta and I have two kids, ages 5 and 2. I was a SAHM for 4 years (which is such a misnomer; who really stays home with little kids? I'd go insane) but now I'm a part-time WAHM (freelance writer), which I LOVE. Working part-time is definitely the best of both worlds for me. I've never been a full-time working mom, and I am just amazed by my friends who do that...there are not enough hours in the day, for sure. Being a mom means becoming EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY, I think. You're the whole world to your kids...and you're expected to also hold the house together and still be a friend and a wife and a PERSON, and when you've got little kids especially, it can be hard to have anything left for any of that. Writing has helped me regain some of that...I actually have childcare now, and I wake up on my "work" days and think, "YES! It's my vacation day!" -- because those are the days I get to PEE ALONE.

But I'm also an extravert, and writing can get kind of solitary, which is why I spend a lot of time on forums like this one and Facebook. ;)

And also, it's kind of ironic that writing is my escape from the daily grind/joy of life with a toddler, because I write almost exclusively about parenting. It's like I'm so obsessed with my identity as a mom, I can't get away even when I'm getting away. :)

So anyway, hi! How do you all stay connected with yourself outside of being a mom?

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    GOOD Question!!! How do you stay connected to who you are when WHO you are is a mom?? .. I think if we had that answer we could save lives!!!

    I have a 7 and 9 year old and the biggest thing I learned and only recently was to make sire that youy are who you are no matter what.. I always felt like I was the real me when my kids were not around and the real MOM me when they were... So, I was always craving for the REAL me.. Until I met friends and had a job that allowed me to be both... I was so stuck in trying to be one way for my kids, that you can lose yourself and then you feel empty...

    I say be as true to who you are with them or without them around.. Make sure you see friends, go out, take walks... and be authentic...
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