What's the cutest thing your kids do right now? And what's the most annoying?

I was just thinking this about my kids and thought it would be fun. So:

* My five year old asks me to kiss her all over. Cutest thing ever. I kiss her and tickle her at the same time and she just loves it. Then she does it back. So much love.
* She also occasionally begs me to wipe her after #2. DUDE GIRL. I wiped your bum for 4 years, you are in kindergarten now and I have a younger bum to wipe, DO NOT ASK ME TO WIPE YOU.

* My two year old still breastfeeds. When he wants to nurse, sometimes I'll say, "Ok, just a couple sips." So he figured that means just a little bit, and now he asks for "couple sips Dora" (when he wants to watch TV) or "couple sips Stasia" when he wants to play with his sister. He also says "So...what now?" randomly, which sounds like a teenager. So. Cute.
* When he wants to breastfeed and I say no, he claws at my chest and screams. Annoying.

    My kids are older, so their "cutest" thing .. is more sweet and prideful... when they were babies.. their talking and grabbing things and trying to get them into their mouths was always funny..

    NOW. they are 7 and 9 and I think the sweetest is when I find them thoughtful of the other.. or specifically kind... which some days can be rare... lol
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