Reasons to induce labor

There are many reasons you or your doctor might want your labor to be induce. Sometimes they are medical reasons, personal reasons, or even convenience reasons. There are arguments and disagreements within the medical community about what are valid reasons to induce and what are not. The latest medical recommendations say inductions should not happen before 39 weeks unless there is a well documented medical reason.

Medical reasons for induction may include health problems for the mother such as pre-eclamsia, gestational diabetes, and other issue. There are some medical issues with the baby that might also warrant an induction as well.

The most important thing if your doctor is recommending induction or if you are considering induction is to understand the risks and benefits. Talk to your healthcare provider about your personal risks and benefits. Make sure you understand why you need an induction. Ask your doctor what would happen if you waited and what would happen if the induction didn't work. There are multiple ways to induce your labor as well so discuss the options with your doctor. Make sure you understand what is going to happen and that you are comfortable with it.

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    My labor was induced after I was 7 days late for high blood pressure and he said that it seemed I had a "very big baby in there"... It was a Friday and he didn't want to send me home for the weekend, I had been going in every other day at that point..

    I was so ready.. it seemed to take forever.. and my baby WAS no small... he was 9 1/2 and 2 feet long.. so, I'm so glad...
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