A Secret Me day...

Today is foggy, chilly and I love it.. However, my motivation is low.. Usually after I take the kids to school, I go for a run, then work until 2.. I'm the type that can't sit still and feel good about it unless I've worked hard and "earned" it.. I never turn the tv on in the morning, as I end up getting so sidetracked and sleepy..

But this morning.. once I got up and was making lunches.. I thought. Hmph.. I don't want to do anything today.. at all.. No errands.. not bills, nothing and so I gave myself today "off"..

I took kids to school, came home and made a fresh cup of coffee and sat down under a blanket on the couch and am watching all of my shows that I have on DVR.. and I couldn't be happier!!! Well.. maybe if I had an eggs benedict and my dishes were done.. but.. I'm usually never able to just chill ..

I think the combo of sort of playing hooky and being sneaky about it and the overcast day and cozy halloween lights on.. all adds up to me being able to just enjoy and feel I deserve to do.. NOTHING!!!

Also.. knowing that it ends at 1:30 and I'm back to mom mom mode and errands, I know the day won't be a total waste..

What are some of your secret, sneaky pleasures???​

    Amanda Hurley
    I sneak out and leave my kids with my husband so I can run to Tim Hortons for a large french vanilla Ice cappe supreme. Yummmm.
      8Theresa Gould
      That's what I like to do but I escape to my bedroom and lock the door to watch TV on my phone or read a book.
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