What age do you stop helping your kids in the bath/shower?

My kids are 6 and 9... They've been bathing themselves for a while now.. around 5 is when I step off and sort of just guide them through it and make sure that they're getting everything and then make sure they're bubble free when exiting...

I've found though, my 6 year old will be super proficient.. as she's at that age where it's still sort of fun and she leaves no area dirty... But my 9 year old son.. LAZY!!! lol.. I do not step in and help him.. he's too old for his mommy to be washing his body.. but I will check in throughout his bath or shower and more often than not.. half his hair is shampooed... one arm is totally dry... and he's basically "swimming" and playing with his goggles on... lol.. So, I step in and helo in rinse and walk him through it all..

I'm certain he not damage would be done if I just left him alone.. but I can't bare a dirty feet at bed and one time.. I didn't make sure he rinsed off well and it was raining, and his hair started to sudz up ...

What age did you or will you let your kids literally go in .. do everything alone.. TRUST that they will do everything alone and then re emerge...without your help at all?

FYI... When I was young.. I hated bathing.. my mom would send me in.. I would sit NEXT to the tub for the "right" amount of time.. sprinkle some water on my hair and come back out..

Ga... Ross... right? But my kids are way better people than I could ever be...​

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    Amanda Hurley
    I let my almost 6 year old go for the most part. I do have to help her with her hair, as she cannot rinse it out by herself. Other than that, she goes solo.
      8Theresa Gould
      I'd say it was around 6 or 7. They kind of figure it out. They still say they do things and haven't and I'll send them back in.
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