Monday Blues...

My kids are always harder to get going on Mondays... They are tough after going slow all weekend and my son especially can be a real pain in the tush on Mondays... I hate sending him to school when I've snapped at him, but man OH MAN.. he can make it difficult.. Finally I said, "Look dude.. You're not the only one right now NOT wanting to leave the house and stay in so rally it up and get it together.. You can complain the whole time and still do it or you can just do it and find a way for it NOT to be miserable. Either way we are walking out in 3 minutes"...

I always get to the gate at drop off and tell him I love him and to have a great day... I hate leaving him in that funky mood.. even though I have to and I know it's just a part of life...

    Margaret hernandez
    My 10y old dont knot like school at all. he always tells me he is to sick to go.something always going on with that boy lol. It like pulling teeth with him to get out the door when it come to school.....Hugs... hope it get better someday.
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