What's your "If you Lose me or get lost" plan?

My friend called my in a panic about how her son wasn't in his after school class and she couldn't find him... I asked her if she had a plan if you were late or where he should go .. and she said no... I was shocked...

I have my kids prepared.. for anything that can come up... (I think)... Maybe because I'm a single mom with no family or their dad anywhere nearby... so, I've known it to just be me? But I think I would have done the same, no matter what?

My kids know exactly what to do if I'm not at pick up when I say I will be... or if they get separated from me at a store or anywhere for that matter.. they know what to do and where to go.. and every day at drop off, if they have a class or after school care, I try to remind them.. and every now and then I will quiz them...

Seems to have worked.. when I've been late, they're in the office as I explained to do.. and when separated for a minute.. they know to STAY PUT and I will find them.. and to NOT wander for me.. or we will go in circles.. but to stay where you are and not wander...

Anyone else have these types of things in place?

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