Complaining Husbands

My husband has a cold, not even a bad one and is trying to tell me he can't take our daughter to her 30 min swim class. I told him I don't get to not do things when I'm sick, the baby's life doesn't stop when we want it to. And we are supposed to get a big snow storm this week so we likely won't be able to make it up. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, if it were more than a minor cold I would be more sympathetic. Why does it seem like men are such babies?

    THEY ARE!!! Every man acts like they are going to die even with the smallest of colds. My mom told me this when I was younger and now I understand lol
      Margaret hernandez
      My husband is a biggg baby when he is sick. like i dont have enough thing to do. It like the world is coming to an end for him. get me this and that relay. I dont she him doing this for me when i am day i had it. I told him your not my kid. man up or get out of my way. you big cry when he get sick i would love to leave the house and come back when he is better.
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