I can rule the worldl!!!... ALL from the toilet!!!!

I seriously can't remember a time when I wasn't bugged while on the potty.. whether they barge right in or stand at the door on the other side or fight the second I sit down...

Just this morning. .I realized I can run the house... from the toilet... I was brushing my daughters hair from there and removing the cap from the mouthwash for my son, then I tied a show and handed them a tissue.. all from the toilet...

Talk about a multi-tasking...

    Margaret hernandez
    I think that when they need you the most..they can be no ware in sight. when you go to the bathroom they come out of the wood works. with moooooom and what ever it is they wont from you. relay i think in my head. lol even the dog with them too..it make me laugh to think about it.
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