I don't want to start a debate here. I just want to know what people's experience was if they DID circumcise their boys. Would you do it again? Was it as terrible as they say it is in all the anti-circumcision articles? I don't have a boy yet but if I do I'd like to know what some moms who went through it with their sons think.

No rude comments please. To each their own.

    When and If we have a boy he wont be circumcised, my bf told me hes against it...
      Had Tristan done... he wasn't gone long and didn't act like he was in pain at all... It was really easy to keep clean afterward a gause with a&d on it.... I would do it again for the cleanliness issue... These days there is a lot of ANTI this and that... your right to each their own.. I also vaccinate, disposable diaper and breast/formula feed and I've been talked down about them all.. It's sad. Everyone is different, just like every baby is different.
        4Heather Lincoln-Prough
        I have three boys and they have all been circumcised. It wasn't that bad to care for and it didn't seem to bother them. If I had plans to have more children and I had another boy then I would do it again.
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