Not liking to Play With your kid?

Kids want to play non-stop and as parents we can't always be the constant playmate, and for some parents "playing" doesn't come so naturally. Thought this article was interesting. Do you enjoy play time? Or is it forced?

    I'll be honest - I found playtime with a baby really quite boring, but I did it b/c I love my kids and I know it is super important for their development and self-worth. But reading those same picture books with two words on a page or playing with those standard baby toys? Shoot me!! Once they became toddlers, it became much more fun, and now that they are 9, 7 and 4, I love playing with them! I just think some people aren't great at little kid games. I've accepted that about myself and don't feel bad about it. But it is why I always joke that if we had another kid, I want to go back to work right away and then take mat leave when the baby is 18 months old. Haha!
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