is it better...

is it better for the baby to have a swing/glider, bouncer and jumper?
or would just one of them be fine?

    8Theresa Gould
    Is there a way to borrow one or all these items to see which ones your baby likes before you buy? My first did not like a swing so I got rid of it and never used one with any of my others. We liked our little bouncy seat. Lindsay Brattonhas showed her daughter in one in Moms Moments.

    I also think it all depends on the amount of space and storage you have and what your budget can handle, if you are buying it on your own.
      yeah i kinda do not think that having all of them is necessary. i know i cant afford to buy all of them let alone one of them. but i am hoping that he will like the swing/glider be cause i was given one at the baby shower.
      most of my friends around here that have or are going to have babies have all of them. so i probably could borrow and see what he likes best.
        bouncer is great to move baby around the house with and play in, swing is great for play and nap time. Jumper is good for exercise age 4 months and up at least.
          That is a lot of baby items... BIG baby items... I would decide on one unless you have space for all three?
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