Work or Stay Home

think this is a decision you make first based on your situation, not everyone can stay home and have to work to provide for the family. Beyond that it's a personal choice some people prefer to work. For me I never thought I would be a stay at home mom, but I'm so glad I chose to stay home and thankful my husbands job is good enough that I can

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    I knew if I had children I would be "at home" with them until at least school age. When I was looking at divorce while pregnant with my oldest I didn't change my mind. I worked hard at figuring it out. I'm happy to say I haven't worked outside the home and have found a way to make things work. I knew how important it was to love the job you do because stress at work often times blurs into your home/family life so I knew I needed to find something reasonable that I could love, pay the bills and let me be mom first.

    Now, almost 13yrs later I still work at home, doing what I love and never having to tell my kids "sorry I have to work".

    I won't say it was easy but I truly do believe the right choices are generally don't have the easiest method of coming about.
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