My plan for the sex talk with my kids

I'm quite a ways off from this, but my policy will be age appropriate honesty. When my daughter asks me where babies come from I will tell her the truth. I won't be awkward about it and I won't evade. I won't give any more information then they need at the time (i.e. I won't OVER explain). I also won't focus too much on the biology. The nitty gritty details can be covered closer to puberty. I don't think little kids need to know much more then things like "the dad plant's a seed in mom's tummy that she grows into a baby." If they press me for more details then that... I'll feed them little bits of info until they seem satisfied.

The reason I don't want to get too focused on the biology is because I'd rather focus on the emotional side of sex. I feel like young people get so lost in the physical side of sex (how it works, how it feels, pregnancy, std's, etc.) they don't think about the emotional toll it takes on their life. I want my kids to think about sex as a bond between two people that love eachother enough to share complete vulnerability. I know most people don't wait until marriage, but I want my kids to wait until they're with someone they feel like they could raise children with. If they couldn't see their partner as a parent in that exact moment then they should wait because, hey, it only takes one time, right? I want them to understand that every person they decide to have sex with is someone they're giving a little bit of themselves to.

I will be honest and open because I feel like if I'm not awkward they won't be awkward about talking to me. I don't want them to feel like they have to feel guilty about their urges because it's a natural part of the human experience, but i do want them to think VERY carefully about acting on them. If they feel awkward they won't talk to me, which means I can't help them make their decisions. I also won't be able to help them view sex in a healthy way. I don't want them to secretly watch porn that makes them think sex like nymphomaniacs because they felt that they couldn't talk to me. I also don't want them feeling terrified and guilty about their sexuality because that can seriously screw a person up.

I don't see sex as dirty or shameful, but I don't think it should be taken lightly. That's how I want my kids to feel too.

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