My husband and I was recently talking about when we wanted to start planning for another little one. I was diagnosis w PCOS 6yrs ago, so having my lil princess was truly a blessing. I know my doctor said that i dont have PCOS any longer since i got pregnant. Since my doctor also told me 6yrs ago i wasnt able to have kids, i dont believe them.​

I just want to know if any moms have a additional kids after having PCOS and how long did it take???

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    So much of your experience felt like it was coming straight out of my head. I was diagnosed at 16 with PCOS. My husband and I tried for four years to get pregnant before seeing a RE. Amazing, AMAZING man. He specializes specifically in the treatment of PCOS women (even has an E-Book). We spent right around the amount of money you did as well. Nice to know someone else who has done their research. :)
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    Nichell Edwards, how are you? Any updates on Harmony? I bet she's so big now!
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