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so things have been hectic because all the people (8 of us) had to move out to another family members house bc our main water pipe busted. we've been here for like 2 weeks and I feel like we've moved in. Good note I have almost all my laundry donea nd ready to pack for when (me, josh and carter) move out into our own place(: ive been so tied up with school and work and home. I'm passing all my classes im actually ahead in some. How ive managed to stay up in school, and work 38+ hrs a week and keep up with a walking toddler. and stay nice to everybody here even when their rude, how I stay sane I have no idea. just waiting on my tax check and we will have our own place and I wont have to be on my tiptoes all the time! (:

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I got pregnant at 18, had him month after I turned 19. Currently 21. I work full time, full time student and full time momma to Mr. Carter Layne Kennedy. He was born august 23rd,2012. Was born 2w3d early. 6lbs 7oz 21in. I had a VERY hard pregnancy.