Transition to Cows Milk

my daughter is nearing a year old (next month) at 1 year we will be transitioning from bottles and formula to cows milk. She's a great eater now finishes her bottles and eats table food breakfast lunch and dinner. How did you make this switch? Did you just take the bottles away and give milk? How often? I plan on asking our pedi but we don't see him for a few weeks yet.

    my sons dr told us to make little less formula than u normally would to mix in some cows milk, then after a couple weeks make even more less and add more cow, and eventually it'll get to be all cows milk. like that way I did it was I took 3/4 fomula and 1/4 cows milk, then later one I did half and half, then I did 3/4 cows and 1/4 milk. but my son had to be on soymilk bc at the time stomach issues, I just recently got him switched to cows milk off his soymilk. take it slow though don't rush any of it
      Kayla DeLeon
      I did half and half with the formula and cows milk to let the adjustment be easier on their little systems and I always took the bottles away on their first birthday. We started the sippy cups at 6 months
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