Child wet the bed: how to clean the mattress

We sop up the pee with rags, then we spray it with our all purpose cleaner Thieves (it's antibacterial and helps with the odor). We let that sit, then pat that as dry as we can get it before covering it up with a towel, which will absorb the rest of the wetness.

We had mattress protectors but none of them lasted through all the frequent washings of potty training multiple children. If anyone knows of well-made ones, I'll take recommendations!

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    8Theresa Gould
    All my mattress covers bit the dust. They literally fell apart with so many washings. I then bought waterproof pads but cannot seem to find them again because they are now falling apart. They would shift but they were effective. I wish some products could last through the span of a large family! lol!
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