I think be a mom are becoming a mom is the best thing in the wold.I love my kids. love everything about them . i miss the one that past away from a miscarriage that i had when i was 16 teen. I wish i could say i never think about it. but i do. what would she/he be doing right know at 17 teen an so on...when i had my son at 23. i was so happy and my other one at 26 i was jumping for joy my last son i thought it would never happen. because we tried for a long time.
i know one thing i will neve make my kids fill like i don,t ever wont them. they did not ask to be born. they war not their when we ware doing it..I dont knot know how some one could be so cold to their kid or kids. it not their fault if you had sex..... just my thought....sorry

Margaret hernandezWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
    8Theresa Gould
    I still think of the babies I lost too. Sorry for your loss. You are right, our children deserve our love, affection and acceptance.
      Amber Bradley
      I feel like anyone who doesn't want kids shouldn't try to have them just to have some. I had my babies early-ish as well (22 & 24) and I love them to death! Couldn't ask for a better blessing!
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