Needing Opinions

so my 3 year old has had a sever cold for 5 days now not sleeping well at night she fell asleep on the way home from grocery store her bed time is 8:30 should I let her sleep or should I wake her she has been sleeping about an hour

    Margaret hernandez
    i would let her sleep. the best thing is sleep. when your body fight what going on better. you might have a gruff night or she might just sleep all the way for ya.. hugs
      Amber Bradley
      let her sleep if she isn't sleeping well at night :( poor baby girl! I hope little Kaylee gets better soon! Colds are no fun at all!
        Since she's been sick and not sleeping well I'd just let her sleep. Maybe she'll catch up on some sleep and feel better. But you should try to nap yourself just in case she decides she wants to wake up at 3 and start her day.
          8Theresa Gould
          I would let her sleep since she hasn't been sleeping well and she is sick. Hope she feels better soon!
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