Help for child having night terrors

We had a son who seemed to have these. He would sleep walk on top of the terrors. It was hard to wake him up from them. We'd just tell him to go back to bed and he'd go. Or if he was really upset, we'd tell him it was ok, we're here, you are safe and then send him to bed. He never remembered any of it. It is unnerving though as a parent.

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    6Lyndsey Douglas
    my daughter had them and my dr told me that the best way to help them is either to have a item with them that usually comforts them or very soothing music and that helped my daughter
      My daughter sleep walks almost every night...I personally talk in my sleep so I probably passed the trait on to her
      She usually will sit straight up in her bed for no apparent reason and either walk aound and rummage through things or walk to the bathroom and go right back to bed like nothing happened, she does however have night mares of bugs crawling all over her at least twice a month and im a very clean ocd neat freak so theres no need for her to dream about them
      Usually I find it depends if she eats after a certain time or if she has anything besides water before bed
      She does however fight to go to bed always complaining of leg pain (growing pains in my opinion)
      I have not been able to find anything to help except like I said a couple sentences back it depends mainly on food and beverages right before bed
      She has a set schedule bed before 8 during the week and before 10 on the weekends but never any food after 5 and only water beyond that point
      Its very upsetting seeing as I as her mother cant find a way to relieve her nightmares or leg pains(she has her own heat pad)
      We definitely do the best we can to console our children!!!!
        Danielle Keltner
        My daughter has night terrors, they started at 7 months. TIP: Do not say your child's name. We learned this very quickly, she screamed more. We ended up going and getting a new stuffed animal. When she has a night terror, we hum and give her the stuffed animal. She goes straight to sleep.

        When asking one doctor, he told us the night terrors were caused by her trying to learn something new at that time she was learning how to walk.

        Now, I have gotten in the habit of staying up two hours after she goes to bed to make sure that she isn't going to have a night terror so I can get to her quicker.
          Kayla DeLeon
          My daughter has been having them since she was 2 and now she is almost 9 but they are rare if it happens

          The Dr's told me it was all how they ate at night and my daughter always had them when she had to go to the bathroom

          So we stopped hers by no drinking or eating after dinner and going to the bathroom before bed

          same thing with my brother helped
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