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I have formed a habit of letting my son sleep in the bed with me and now I am trying to break it by putting him in his crib when he takes nap for a start and then eventually in his crib when its time to go to bed but its hard cause he been sleeping with me so much he knows when I get out of the bed or when I'm not near him its my fault but he was born a preemie and when he came home and i put him in the crib sometimes it was hard for him to catch his breath on his side so since than he has been in the bed with me so I can hear and make sure he is still breathing

    Arielle ~ i did this with all 3 of my children... they now sleep in their own rooms... so they will eventually get out of your room... mine still want to sleep with me but I have to tell them to go to their own rooms. Although I do have to say they were in my bed to at least 3 yars old... too old I know!
      I think it will be ok... but it IS hard to break them of the habit. My son never had a problem he is very independent and transitioned well... but my girls share a room and I think if they had to sleep in separate rooms they would not have transitioned as well. They have bunkbeds ... but both still sleep together on the bottom bunk! LOL!
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