i am 25 weeks preg & i am thinking how long i should work more , bc i would love to focus on my baby & babyshower


    As Meg said if money is not an issue then taking off of work would be a nice thing! i worked up until I had my first baby... then stayed home with my other two pregnancies because I started to work from home!
      What kind of work do you do? Can you sit to avoid pain in your legs? Sometimes i know you have to stand when you work but if you can sit it might be helpful. OR... if sitting is the problem can you get up and walk around? Just thinking...
        Tetyana ~ oh my that is much standing! Sit when you can... hopefully your boss understands and lets you get some rest when not waiting on your customers! What about getting some of those stockings that support your legs and decrease veins... that might make you feel better!
          Hmmm... have you talked to your doctor about it? Maybe there is some stronger type of socks or tights that he can suggest or prescribe!
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