I caught my son Swearing - And it was Awesome.

My son is 9. That's 4th grade. The first day of school he was sort of rolling his eyes about school starting again... and I told him this.. "Look.. 4th grade is big.. THIS is when it starts to get good.. Like really good.. THIS is when you start to dig in and remember everything..so enjoy"

He asked me what I meant and I told him.. THIS is the age when you have more independence, you start to notice girl, girls start to notice you and you have secret handshakes and inside jokes with your friends and you swear with your buddies and it starts to get interesting...

With that.. he went on his way... and truth be told.. I WAS RIGHT (Thank GOD)... it is the year when things start to change and hormones are happening and they are becoming dudes and self aware and aware of who is aware of them...

My kids know some swear words.. I have a mouth and though I always do my best to keep it clean around them, they catch me.. I'm not perfect...we have a swear jar.. it's a running joke and not once has my kids "slipped".. so we're good..

The other day.. my son is playing MInecraft online while talking to his friend on the phone.. this is his reward and he has 30 minutes to play and this time he asked to play with his friend on the phone at the same time.. So he went into his room and I have a no closed door policy, but it was cracked and I walked by and he was "Duding" it up.. He was like, "Ah dude... shit man.. I can't believe you destroyed that. That's Fucked up"

My first instinct was, um.. EXCUSE ME? But then I thought .. nope.. it's HIS time.. HIS friend and his friend was on speaker and they were both going back n forth with the swear words.. and it seemed really funny to me...almost sweet.. they were both trying so hard to sound and be "cool" to the other.. and to me it just sounded ridiculous...But it's not my business..

I told him after it was over.. I reminded him without acknowledging I had heard.. that "there is nor swearing around grown up, at school, teachers, other peoples homes and not around or AT his sister or anyone else and that swearing doesn't make you cool,"

and he said, "But it's really fun to say."

And I couldn't argue.. I concur little man.. He's a great kids.. Never in trouble.. warm, kind, funny, smart, silly, loving,... this may be the worst thing he ever does and I'm cool with it...

So fucking cool with it. ​

    My kids knew the 'S' word at 2 unfortunately thanks to my mom lol. She does not swear much (that was said so sarcastically, she is a feisty new yorker). She would occasionally drop the 'S' word bomb. My husband on the other hand was allowed to say "damn" when he was a kid as his mom did not see it as bad word. I remember many a time getting my mouth washed out with soap because I let a bad word slip if I was watching a movie or listening to a song that had it.
      Haha, I love it and I adore your attitude. I agree that kids need a little freedom and some time to discover themselves.

      I'm not at that point yet, my little peanut is still growing in my belly, but oh what a road it will be. I have a potty mouth and my husband is a Marine. We're lucky if we can spit out 'I love you" without adding a 'fucking' in there.

      It's going to be an interesting turn when we start saying golly gosh darn it when the baby arrives, lol.
        A few hiccups here and there, but baby's heart is beating and s/he's squirming around! I'll know more on Monday.
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