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Hi All -

Our nanny, Salisha (Sally) Hash has been working with our family since September 2012. During that time she has taken EXCELLENT care of our nearly 16 month old daughter on a daily basis. Sally is a warm, loving and caring care provider and we strongly recommend her for any future family with young children (newborns, toddlers, etc.). We very much appreciated that Sally was always punctual and well organized with her schedule. Sally has been a critical part of our child's development to this stage. Sally always goes above and beyond for our household. She prepares meals for our child and used any downtime (while our child was napping) productively. She is wonderful at making friends with parents or other nannies that care for children in the same age range as socialization was important to us.

The only reason we have decided to hire a new nanny is so that our daughter can be spoken to exclusively in Spanish throughout the day, as one half of our family is from South America.

If you're in the market for a new nanny please reach out to her directly - her cell phone number is 201-668-7618.

Thank you!


    hi, Alifiya! It's nice to meet you and your nanny. I know some moms who prefer to hire bilingual nanny/babysitter. I did it for my son as well, I hired a Russian speaking nanny for him before he started to go to school. Now I am thinking about Russian language tutor couple of times/week, because he doesn't want to respond in Russian anymore, even though my husband and I speak Russian at home when he is home to keep this language for him, he understands, but speaking is a hard part for him.
      Alisiya, it's so nice you take care of your nanny's future) Means you are good person).
      It's really hard to find good nanny - so your advice will be useful for moms from your area! Thank you much for sharing).
        8Theresa Gould
        Welcome Alifiya! That's a wonderful referral you wrote up for your nanny. Thank you for sharing. I hope she find a new place of employment quickly.
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