Hiring A Babysitter

How do you go about hiring a babysitter? My husband and I are in desperate need of a parents night out but the day we want to go out my mom or his mom are not able to watch the little ones. My husband said that we could look into hiring a babysitter.

For some reason I have been kind of against hiring a babysitter. I have heard so many horror stories about babysitters that I cannot wrap my mind around hiring one. I may just be me being a over protective mama but I don't remember my mom leaving us with someone she has not known for a while. We were either with family or a close friend of the family.

How do you handle hiring a babysitter? What are some of the questions you ask?

Is it wrong to do a trial run with you at home or would that hinder their ability to care for the kids if you are still in the home? So many questions I know but I would love to hear all of your input.

    8Theresa Gould
    Unfortunately, I don't have any advice. We do not hire babysitters, for all the same fears you have.
    8Theresa Gould
    It is very sad, isn't it?

    Now that we have teens we do go out to breakfast or dinner once or twice a month, and have added going to shoot hoops at the playground a mile or two down the road. But we don't even like to use our own teens very much because of the responsibility we feel towards our own kids and don't want that all put on them.
      Amanda Hurley
      We have family friends that help us out with watching our children. I do not really know anything about hiring a babysitter. Do you go to church? You can also ask neighbors for references, or close friends.
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