What Kids Today Will Never Appreciate About Technology

I thought this article was interesting. It talks about the 'Wow' factor advanced technology used to bring. I remember being so impressed by caller ID and voicemail, and cell phone, and again by color screens on cell phone s thinks "gosh what will happen next!?" And it seems today technology is so much a part of our kids lives that the "wow" factor that the appreciation for invention isn't there anymore. They've never grown up in a life without these things. I think all the more reason to keep kids present and not too attached to all the modern technology, which is everywhere!

    I completely agree, Leah! A great article to share.. kids are SO used to "instant gratification too" and I think it's kind of sad.. they get everything in SECONDS.. I remember being in AWE of my first cell phone, which had the OPTION of caller id.. and psssh who needed that? Who needed to know who was calling for extra money? ha! I wouldn't trade the times I grew up for anything.. because I feel like I appreciate growth and progress so much more.. obviously there will be growth and progress in our kid's day and age.. but it's going to look a whole lot different... What also boggles my mind is the amazing OLDER generation who embrace technology.. like the 90 something year old Grandparents who have adjusted and use cell phones or iPads.. can you imagine the lengths THEY have come since they were born? Woo!
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