Interviews, Work, and Everything In Between...

So I had another interview for a diff work from home job today. The pay is good and I think I will like this job better than my current one, but my passion is to work for myself. Are there any other moms out there who have made this transition fully or are in the process of leaving a job to work for themselves full-time?

    Yep.. It's tough when you are trying to get your own business or career going and having to pay bills and work for someone else as well.. I don't know that I'm doing it well.. but I'm doing it..

    My only tip, and you probably know this already.. is to schedule your days.. I do mornings for "others".. drop kids off and come right home and get all that done.. I'm finished by noon, then I do errands, etc.. and come back around 2 and work for two hours for "myself".. I also get my kids at 2 on some days and so then I work in evening after I have them all settled in after homework, etc...
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