Your kids school Grading system?

Just curious.. Growing up, we had the typical; ABCDF grading system.. but my kids grade school does not.. they have the 1234 system.. 4 being above level.. it's fine... I mean they're 7 and 9 so it doesn't bother me in the least, but I kind of miss that actual letters.. to be clear..

Schools this time are so sensitive... scared to offend kids or group them etc...

Is that how it is everywhere? Thoughts parents on the number system versus actual GRADE?

    7Malena Hall
    My 7 year old's school does that too. It is so freaking annoying. With the A-F system everyone knew what it meant. The 1-4 is IMO arse backward. Think about it . If four of us are racing and one crosses the line first they are the winner #1 right? So if 1234 is the new ABCDF SHOULDN'T 1=A 2=B 3=C and 4=D? Also where is the number equivelent for F?
      7Malena Hall
      Also with my son's school his progress reports only reflect tests, not homework or classwork. A couple weeks ago when they first started3 digit addition , this was like day 2 of it, we had to go back and look for something he forgot. The student teacher told me, "Jericho is very good with math". She went on to explain she had a group of kids, including him, she was explaining the math to. She had to stop and talk to someone about something else for a couple minutes. When she turned back Jericho had finished all 6 problems correctly. He hadn't shown his work so she didn't know how he got the answer but he had them.

      I look at his homework everyday and any work he brings from school. Any errors I put a line by the problem and have him review them. It is very seldom that he misses 2 or more on a page and most of the time he can find his mistake without help. You would think he has a 3 or 4 in math but he has a 2 - not sufficent. It makes no sense
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