How much weight did you gain post marriage?

I've yet to meet anyone that has lost weight after marriage, but speak up if you have.. I'm just curious.. And did you husband gain too?

Why do you think that is? Being comfortable? Stop trying?

Aside from kids, what is the reason do you all think?

    Oh and your other question... I totally think it's a comfort thing for a lot of couples.. last year though, we both got into fitness habits that we finally LOVE - it makes all the difference. We chat often about letting each other have work out time because you only get one body and I hateeeee when loads of couples let themselves go and then they wonder why the spark is gone too.
      Ive always maintained about the same weight until I tried some horrible medicine for my fibro that made me gain weight. Working on losing that now about 20 lbs left. My husband always been the same weight(skinny,fit) lucky a** lol.
        Margaret hernandez
        we both got fat together. lol butt we are a happy.
          My husband's always been on the chubby side but he'd been losing weight because of the Navy. I was always underweight by like 10lbs my entire life until I had nina...and then we had this whole stressful year and we just settled and snacked and gained weight. Now, being overweight is horribly uncomfortable so we're both working as hard as we can at losing the excess weight while he's deployed so we can both feel comfortable again by the time he gets back.
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